What are you or your business doing to keep up?

New ideas keep changing the business world...

New ideas keep changing the business world...

What are you or your company doing to keep up?

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My career has been dedicated to improving customer experiences and growth in business…


Want to improve your work relationships or your business? Read about my ideas and how it may help you.

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Next time you go to work, take the time to observe others around you. Become conscious of your co-workers work habits. It will become clear […]

The Art of Dealing with Customers

It seems that everybody at one time or another has met someone who might be described as a “natural born” salesperson. As human beings, we tend […]

Build Your Business by Being Sincere

Maybe this has happened to you. You need to call a large utility company or national bank and speak personally with a customer service representative. […]
Montreal, Canada

My name is Robert Zackon and I'm glad you're here. Originally from Montreal, Canada, I started my career as a direct marketing representative, opened my first business at 25 and expanded to Boston three years later. Being the first to market 2 for 1 restaurant meal discount cards directly to consumers in New England, the business expanded into bookkeeping and inventory management services to help small businesses.

Boston, Massachusetts
Changes are on the horizon

Since Covid-19, consumer habits have changed. US ecommerce grew by $105 billion in 2020. 78% of American consumers believe companies must do more than just make money; they must positively impact society as well. Innovation, flexibility and customer satisfaction are the new norms. Happy employees who feel valued are staying longer and reducing costs. The pandemic has moved us ahead in time. Are you or your business ready for the new economy?

Boston, Massachusetts
Get organized

If you own a business or hold a management position, there is huge opportunity to benefit from the new American consumerism. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” still stands as always, but it may be time to set new goals and re-evaluate the future. How can you add consumer value, align your business to have a positive social impact and optimize for future growth?

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How can I help?

Prepare yourself to embrace smart business practices. Navigating changing environments can be challenging. As an experienced small business owner and manager, I can help you set up a plan for success. I invite you to reach out and contact me below.

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